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Eunene McCeary

Eunene McCeary

Receptionist/Client Relations Specialist

Eunene McCeary has been with Mark Scordato & Associates since 2020. She is the Receptionist/ Client relations specialist and works closely with all of our advisors to facilitate all new business. Eunene is the one to commend for making sure all clients feel welcomed and satisfied upon completion of their calls.  Her uplifting persona as well as her quick to learn demeanor is a priceless quality that is a “must” in this industry.

Eunene is the direct liaison between the advisors themselves, and their clients.  The relationships she maintains with our clients coupled with her readily adaptable work ethic and computer savvy have greatly contributed to her success. On top of her direct involvement with clients and advisors, Eunene also assists with coordinating our events and appointments.

Eunene can be described as the adhesive which bonds the team. Eunene’s knowledge and skillfulness are essential for the day to day operations at Mark Scordato and Associates.

Eunene’s background in Fashion Design & Marketing helps her to create fun and expressive ways to keep the office environment fun and exciting.